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Use This Simple Guide to Learn How to Shop for a Used Car Correctly

Cars are among some of the biggest purchases you’ll make in life. Not only will you be spending thousands of dollars to buy one, but you’ll also be making use of it nearly every day for years to come.

The importance of making a smart purchase is easy to see, so you shouldn’t just wing it. Below is a guide for how to shop for a used car that will get you the most miles for your buck.

Determine Your Budget

Before actually looking at any cars, decide how much you’re comfortable spending on one. Consider how much money you have to put toward a down payment, how much you’re willing to spend every month in payments and for how long you’d like those payments to last.

Determine What Type of Car You Want

Are you just commuting to work every day? Do you have kids to shuffle around? Will you need to tow or haul anything? Buying the right type of car for your needs is critical to maximizing your investment.

Research Reliability and Maintenance Costs

Sometimes you don’t know how much — or how little — of a deal you got on a used car until the rubber meets the road. Some cars are more prone to break down or are more expensive to fix than others. Do your research beforehand to know what you’re getting into.

Use the Technology at Your Fingertips

Shopping for a used car has never been easier than in the age of the internet. Nearly all used car dealerships display their inventory online these days and just a simple Google search for “used cars near me” will get you pointed in the right direction.

Check the Vehicle History Report

Vehicle history reports are a good way of learning about what kind of condition a car might be in and anticipating future repairs. A history report allows you to see if the car has been in any accidents, had regular oil changes or been exposed to the salty winter roads of the north. Many used car dealerships offer a free vehicle history report online.

Take a Test Drive

Once you’ve narrowed your selection down to two or three cars, take them for a test drive. Make sure you’re comfortable in the driver’s seat, that you have enough visibility and the car handles the way you like.  

Visit Porsche Asheville

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Date Posted: July 6, 2017