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Porsche Asheville

Why Your Porsche Is Wanted at the Area's Most Competitive Dealership

There’s nothing quite like feeling you get from driving a Porsche. The luxury feel and the powerful engine combine for an experience that's hard to match. After years of enjoyment in your Porsche, you may be ready for a new challenge. As the area’s premier Porsche dealership, Porsche Asheville is well-known for carrying the best Porsche models and is always looking for new inventory to add to our pre-owned department. Below are a few of the models we are currently looking for.

Sell Your Porsche to Porsche Asheville in North Carolina


The iconic Porsche 911 is regularly sought after by both enthusiasts and those purchasing their first Porsche. First produced in 1963, the 911 is one of the most powerful performance sports cars on the road. The latest generation was released in 2012, featuring new technologies like electromechanical power steering and an industry-first 7-speed manual transmission with rev-matching.

Boxster and Cayman
The Porsche Boxster is a mid-engined two-seater performance roadster, and the Cayman is its fastback coupe variant. Their lightweight body and legendary engineering can match any rival on the road. The cars were redesigned in 2014 with a longer, wider wheelbase and lower body, plus an interior that matches the iconic 911.


Many people were surprised when Porsche released the Cayenne in 2002, but the first luxury SUV made by Porsche proved to be a big hit. Combining the versatility of a crossover SUV with the sports performance of a Porsche, the Cayenne provides the best of both worlds. 


2009 saw the introduction of this 4-door luxury sedan, which has quickly become one of Porsche’s most popular vehicles. Outside, the Panamera resembles a stretched 911, while on the inside you’ll find leather upholstery, powered seats, and a premium sound system.

No matter what kind of Porsche you currently drive, we would love to see it at Porsche Asheville. Visit our showroom in Asheville, North Carolina, and see what we can do for you.


Date Posted: June 20, 2017